Waxing? Sugaring? What's the deal and what's the difference?

March 9, 2016


Waxing, most all of us have experienced it.

From the moment the warm substance is spread across the skin, you know that- is the easy part. 

and whether you are waiting for the hard wax to dry with the flick of the tab, or waiting for the strip to be pressed into the wax,

the one thing you know for certain-

It's probably gonna hurt.


The two main differences between wax and sugar are:

A - Application. 

Wax is applied in the direction of the hair and sugar is rolled into the follicle against the grain.

Most people feel wax is more painful when it is removed from the skin as oposed to sugar which seems to be most annoying while it's being applied.


B - Heat. 

Wax is applied to the skin after being warmed up in a depilatory heater, and sugar is warmed just above room temperature. Many people are heat sensitive and find sugar to be less disruptive to their skin.


Some people think sugar helps cause less ingrowns, they like it because it's water soluble and there is no wasted materials (just a ball of sugar, no sticks, no strips).

While others say the opposite, that waxing causes less ingrowns and that the pain and time it takes to sugar isn't all it's hyped up to be. 


So the verdict?  it's really a matter of preference and which is more painless/fast and                                 efficiant to each induvidual.

I supose you'll never know unless you try for yourself though..Right? ;)

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